Being simple has its benefits: sitting back, musing at all the wonderful moments life gives you and the unpredictable ones that would come your way - isn't that the greatest? For one, you can never feel too old, getting old, too young, or too far behind your elders to bother with catching up with anything. I'm neither young nor old, I know I'm growing up, I have a life, I have a story for every moments with them. And they're just the most sophisticated parts of my rather average existence.


This is a life story.
This is where my dreams, experiences, directions,
mind states, imaginations, heartbeats, breaths and focuses
meet and bend.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Identity Check

After 6 months...

I’m Louise. I’ve been living semi-sedentarily for 18 years. I speak English, Tagalog, Chavacano and a little French. I know no talent to brag, play no active sport, and cook nothing but noodles and "cancer food." I’m OC on dental hygiene 'cause I might kiss Prince Charming one day and unclean mouth is just not cool. I’m super short but am the tallest in the family second to Papa.

I received the English Proficiency Award in high school - 'cause that's the only thing brag-able. Currently studying Nursing on a half-hearted basis but I dream of becoming an Intensivist one day. I think information is as important as life, itself. BOOKS are, like, the coolest things to ever own. I personally think they should be gifted to kids and appreciated as early as 3 years old. Nobody can ever graduate nor succeed in life without once opening a book. BOOKS should be respected as much as one respects his parents.

I have the Middle-Child Syndrome (no shit). I often reminisce and regret the past which turns enduring a trying present futile at most. I love writing but am often plagued by writer’s block. I’m no fighter so I get bullied a lot. People see me as a happy-go-lucky attention-seeker, but nobody really understands that part. I don’t do vices; I don’t find reasons to end life before the apocalypse.

 No, I’m not emo. I’m just random and borderline.

At the moment, I have finished 3rd year college and is continuing my French lessons online while teaching English to anyone willing to learn. I plan on finishing all my unread YA books and probably do some advanced studying for 4th year – but maybe not.

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