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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am Dauntless

So firstly, I got the title off Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's this dystopian fiction much like The Hunger Games but has a different storyline. Dauntless is one of the five factions in the book that prides itself for its dauntless people that do acts of fearlessness or what they prefer to call as "bravery" such as jumping off a train, bungee jumping, scaling a monument, ziplining from the top of a multi-storied building, or getting heavy tattoos and piercings. Blah, blah. This post is not about that.

I've been really borderline lately and probably a bit bored with the past few monotonous chapters of my life that I've decided to do something different again. Last year, I dyed my hair a coffee color that didn't really flatter my skin tone (make me forget about that please!). This summer, I opted for another brave attempt on changing my physical appearance. NO, I will not do bungee jumping. Not yet. I've done something liberated and quite out of character; I got my left ear pierced.

So am I cool now or what?
So yeah, I know piercing just one time on one ear isn't at all dauntless of me. But I've already tried the usual teen-rebel all-that kind of thing that I finally went for a permanent change. Or rather I think it'll be permanent as long as I keep something in the hole to prevent it from closing up.

Why a star? Because it was the only shiny thing available and I like shiny and I don't do round, plain, rings. No it didn't really hurt. It just felt like it got hit by a book maybe ('cause that happened to me once, try it for yourself) that the pain was amazingly tolerable. The lady who pierced my ear with the piercing gun told me that it was only like a bite of an ant. Who are you kidding? A five-year old? But she was nice so it didn't really feel appropriate to be sarcastic towards her.

I'm not really allowed to pierce my ear any more than the ones that I already have. Hell, I'm sure my parents will go ballistic when they hear of this. Or rather, see this. I guess it's obvious that I didn't get their permission and am still hiding it from them huh? *laughs I'll probably try hiding it for at least a week since the sterility of the earring lasts that much long and by then I could take it off and then the reality of it all wouldn't be so hard on them and me anymore. I hope.

Credits to my bebegurls for accompanying me on this anxiety-relieving(?) deed. I love you girls. You're the best bad influences I've ever had. Much love :"*

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