Being simple has its benefits: sitting back, musing at all the wonderful moments life gives you and the unpredictable ones that would come your way - isn't that the greatest? For one, you can never feel too old, getting old, too young, or too far behind your elders to bother with catching up with anything. I'm neither young nor old, I know I'm growing up, I have a life, I have a story for every moments with them. And they're just the most sophisticated parts of my rather average existence.


This is a life story.
This is where my dreams, experiences, directions,
mind states, imaginations, heartbeats, breaths and focuses
meet and bend.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


On July 13th of this year at 10:48 AM, I received an early 18th birthday gift from my mama and papa. It's all I ever wanted and dreamed of having.

Meet my newest baby, Nikkolo!

Patience is truly a virtue. This time proved it. ;)

Thanks so much, Mama and Papa! I will totally treasure Nikkolo from the bottom of my heart! I hope to take better photos next time. Right now, I humbly say that I'm amateur at best. ^_^

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