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This is a life story.
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mind states, imaginations, heartbeats, breaths and focuses
meet and bend.

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Friday, April 8, 2011


It has dawned on me that summer spans two months of capricious warm climate and near desertedness of a campus I will enroll into. The fact that everybody begs for an outing activity and some night partying on Facebook makes me think of how boring the days ahead would be had I not hoarded to boredom my so-called "hobbies" in the past few months. I'm just one of those kids whose got nothing to do in the free weeks we're given.


It's the first week of an official looking vacation-spewed summer - according to some random giddy college frosh.
Vacation? Nah. Summer? Yeah.

It's so hot out and in that my skin feels like it's some heavy leather clothing I've ignorantly wore during an obvious season. I want to jump out of it. I want to taste the Alps and bathe in all their coolness. Remind me  that I'm in the tropics, someone.

Last month:

I've decided to make this summer productive and educational.

Last week:

I thought of how much I could be killing myself inside for not enjoying my youth. Somehow, I was able to toss aside my Nursing books and started gunning down mercenaries and mummified come-to-life sphinxes that I couldn't normally do and collected ancient relics that couldn't possibly exist. Tomb Raider does all that and I pawned her gigantic breasts on each level and location.

I cursed my PSP for not having enough games that would satiate my gaming libido (if there's such a thing). So I traipsed my way to Techno-dot and scanned for new games to install on my mem card only finding out later that I did not bring it. *Insert curse word here*

My stack of books have all been read. I wouldn't - couldn't - bother reading them all again because that's just me. I feel like my eyes need a break from reading and should migrate to writing, ASAP.

Days go by and I started jailbreaking my iPod; restored it only a few times. Success. I started downloading jailbroken apps into the slick memory of a device created by the talented and enhanced, via adopted ideas, by a genius. I started relishing the fact that I could do a lot in only a few hours. But it wasn't enough. Hours later, with a few banging here and there I started spluttering curses that DSL sucked and I started typing on the internet for ways to hack into PLDT's system to get infinite loads of connection. But I didn't continue 'cause I thought of prison and only losers go there and I know that I'm not one of them.

It's summer so my parents think that it's about time my family can have some precious times together. Those precious times consist of: Just. Staying. At. Home. So it also means no walks or leaving the house until the week ends.

I've only been out for, like, four days and it's surely not enough! I took a day for clearance at school, another for enrollment, another for shopping and the last for a dinner with old high school friends. Now I'm back at home cursing the stupid DSL, ignoring my books and PSP and overcharging my iPod because I don't know what else to do with it.

It's getting really, really boring here what with my boyfriend on leave for his Phys-Med-Dent Exam at the PNPA. I miss him. I miss not getting bored. I miss school. Luckily, class starts soon. I do hope there wouldn't be any more postponing of classes because I couldn't bear another few days at home. It all seems like a big lockdown for me.

Heaven's save me. It's been a long time since I cracked.

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