Being simple has its benefits: sitting back, musing at all the wonderful moments life gives you and the unpredictable ones that would come your way - isn't that the greatest? For one, you can never feel too old, getting old, too young, or too far behind your elders to bother with catching up with anything. I'm neither young nor old, I know I'm growing up, I have a life, I have a story for every moments with them. And they're just the most sophisticated parts of my rather average existence.


This is a life story.
This is where my dreams, experiences, directions,
mind states, imaginations, heartbeats, breaths and focuses
meet and bend.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I mean to be private. In some terms...

This post will be fairly short. I'm yet to update about this week since the "feel" of it being done or accomplished has not yet come.
Anyway, in all honesty I'm glad that I've created this new blog - I feel at peace somewhat. In the past I've had complications with readers of all kinds who may incidentally pass by my webspace. Most of them were/are(?) close-minded people or the kinds who troll about leaving harsh - possibly, hurting - comments on my posts, pictures, and the blog as a whole. Not that it's a bad thing but I have to admit that I'm sensitive when it comes to appreciation and discrimination. To remind though, this blog is a certified ownership of both Blogger and the author herself. So however I may want to publish my posts is up to me.

I made it a rule that there are untrusted eyes lurking about the web these days. People may want to use my information, materials and entries however or whenever they want to. So I fervently hunted for security-purposed scripts that may protect any dossiers in this page. Presently I have fortified my blog with three important scripts: Right-clicking, and Highlighting-impeded script, and the recent Password-protected script. This is a significant method to protect my identity and life while I continue expressing freely to myself or to the world even.

Note though that only certain, faithful and trusted readers may read some posts that I password-protect. An example of a password-protected post is Chinese food and donuts date! or one like below:

Now enter the text 'gateway' on the box in the pop-up window.

Again, only chosen readers may access this kind of post in my blog. Respect is most expected and appreciated in this space. I do hope many will convey the trait in the best manner possible.

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